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Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism in Turkey

What is Health Tourism?


Health tourism is the therapeutic travel of people to a country other than their own to restore or regain their health. People who change countries for treatment and rehabilitation services are called health tourists. The regulation of health tourism is governed by the relevant ministries of the countries, is subject to regular inspections, and steps are constantly being taken to improve the conditions of health services.


The field of health tourism is broad. In order to protect health and treat diseases, many services are offered in different categories. The types of health tourism are:


  • Medical Tourism
  • Thermal Health Tourism
  • Elderly Tourism (3rd Age Tourism)
  • Disabled Tourism


There are different factors that lead a patient to seek treatment abroad. The criteria that determine which country the health tourist prefers also vary. Factors such as the equipment of the medical staff, the experience of the patients, the success of the clinic, the geographical location, the success rates of the doctors and the transportation are the most important.


Health Tourism in Turkey


Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for health tourism in the world and the scope of related services is regulated and supervised by the Ministry of Health. The Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist Health determines the suitability of health facilities for health tourism. To do so, it requires the acquisition of an authorization certificate and a Turkish Travel Agency Certificate. It also checks if the facilities comply with the hygiene conditions, if they are accredited and if they work according to the procedure. In this way, health tourism in Turkey promises a comfortable and safe experience.

Services such as VIP transfer, accommodation in luxury hotels, sightseeing tours, airport pickup are offered by many health tourism facilities.



Advantages of Turkey


  • Technological Infrastructure: Turkey is a country with cutting-edge medical equipment. Since each branch has its own medical infrastructure, the patient has the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive examination when he/she comes to the country for treatment. In this way, the examinations and treatments can be carried out without any problems, and the patient can finally return to his country satisfied.
  • Easy Transportation: Many countries are only a few hours away from Turkey, which is a bridge between Asia and Europe. The well-developed infrastructure of highways and airlines also offers great convenience. Thanks to the airlines, patients coming from far away countries do not encounter any difficulties.
  • Opportunities for Vacation: Turkey is surrounded by seas. Turkey is also a country where you can experience four seasons. This makes it ideally located for both winter tourism and summer vacations. Health tourists can experience the benefits of high level treatment and vacation facilities almost at the same time.
  • Cost Advantage: Due to the exchange rate difference, Turkey is an advantageous health tourism destination for patients abroad. High quality healthcare services are offered at reasonable prices.
  • No Queues: One of the most annoying situations for health tourists is the long waiting lists of patients in their home country. This is especially important for major treatments. In Turkey, the times for pre-registration, consultation and treatment are highly short.
  • Healthcare Accreditation: Hospitals, clinics and healthcare agencies engaged in health tourism in Turkey are accredited by JCI. Facilities with international standards promise a credible process. Patients can be treated safely in all branches, including oncology, bariatric surgery, and neurosurgery.
  • Physician Expertise: Health professionals in Turkey are experts in their field, well-trained and well-equipped.


Health tourism statistics in Turkey are a testament to the country's success. Improvements in healthcare continue and innovations are being incorporated into the relevant fields. The country's goal is to become a world leader in health tourism, and it is meticulously continuing its extensive activities in this regard.